Department of Psychology, Keio University


Ei-Ichi Izawa (Associate Professor)


Biological Psychology,Animal Behavior,Neuroethology

Introduction of my research

The ultimate goal of my lab is to understand the evolution of animal behavior at the different levels: brain/body anatomy and physiology, and behavioral functions. To achieve the goal, we study crows, highly social birds, as a striking model for the convergent evolution of the sophisticated behavior in comparison to primates by using multidisciplinary approaches (behavioral experiment/observation in the lab and the field station, and physiological and anatomical experiments).
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Mita Laboratory B103C (TEL:23371)
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Main publications / articles

Involvement of vision in tool use in crow.(Neuro report, 25, 2014)

Crows cross-modally recognise group members but not non-group members.(Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 279, 2012)

Neural-activity mapping of memory-based dominance in the crow:neural networks integrating individual discrimination and social behaviour control. (Neuroscience, 197, 2011)


Observational learning in the large-billed crow(Corvus macrorhynchos):Effect of demonstrator-observer dominance relationship.(Interaction Studies, 12, 2011)


A temporal rule in vocal exchange among Large-billed Crows Corvus macrorhynchos in Japan.(Ornithological Science, 9, 2010)

Perceptual mechanism for vocal individual recognition in jungle crows(Corvus macrorhynchos):contact call signature and discrimination.(Behaviour, 147, 2010)

Formation of linear dominance relationship in captive jungle crows(Corvus macrorhynchos):implications for individual recognition.(Behavioural Processes, 78, 2008)

A Stereotaxic Atlas of the Brain of the Jungle Crow(Corvus macrorhynchos).(Watanabe & Hofman(Eds.), Integration of Comparative Neuroanatomy and Cognition, Keio University Press,2007)

Academic societies/organizations

The Japanese Society for Animal Psychology,Japan Ethological Society,The Japan Neuroscience Society,The Zoological Society of Japan,The Ornithological Society of Japan,The Japanese Society for Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry, Society for Neuroscience,International Ethological Congress


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