Department of Psychology, Keio University


Hideaki Kawabata (Professor)


Aesthetic Psychology, Cognitive Science

Introduction of my research

I am studying the psychology of subjectivity and experience, and the associated brain mechanisms. I am mostly interested in Art, Beauty, User Experience, Design, Usability, Aesthetic Education,and Appreciation Behavior. Our subjectivity is vague and easily influenced. We are elucidating mind and brain functions concerned with the relationship of these factors and causality, thereby pursuing applied research.
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Mita Laboratory B104 (TEL:23354)
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Main publications / articles

Mediating role of explicit memory of another person's choice in social influences on preference.(Japanese Psychological Research, 2017)

脳から美を測る,脳から美を操る:美の脳内表現の精神生理学.(生理心理学と精神生理学, 2017)

Appreciation contexts modulate aethetic evaluation.(Art & Perception, 2016)

Transcranial direct current stimulation over the medial orbitofrontal cortex-the left primary motor cortex (mOFC-lPMC) network affects subjective beauty but not ugliness.(Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 2015)

Scene recognition but not spatial judgements occur by combining experienced viewpoints.(Japanese Psychonomic research, 2015)

容貌の魅力の認知と神経過程.(最新精神医学, 2015)

Why am I not photogenic? Differences in face memory for the self and others.(i-Perception, 2014)

Adaptation to delayed auditory feedback induces the temporal recalibration effect in both speech perception and production.(Exp Brain Res, 2014)

Attractive faces temporally modulate visual attention.(Front Psychol, 2014)

The effects of social misdirection on magic tricks:How deceived and undeceived groups differ.(i-Perception, 2014)

「知性と感性の脳科学的基盤」『新・知性と感性の心理―認知心理学最前線』(福村出版, 2014)

I Choose,Therefore I Like:Preference for Faces Induced by Arbitrary Choice.(PLoS One, 2013)

Economic profits enhance trust, perceived integrity and memory of fairness in interpersonal judgment.(PLoS One, 2012)

『脳は美をどう感じるか―アートの脳科学』(ちくま新書, 2012)

脳活動の多変量パタン解析を用いた腕時計のデザイン評価.(電子情報通信学会論文誌D, 2011)

Temporal recalibration in vocalization induced by adaptation of delayed auditory feedback.(PLoS One, 2011)

『認知心理学』 (有斐閣, 2010)

The neural correlates of desire.(PLoS One, 2008)

『やわらかい「わたし」のつくりかた』(柏書房, 2005)

Neural correlates of beauty.(J Neurophysiol, 2004)

Connectivity perception of partly occluded gratings in 4-month-old infants.(Perception, 2001)

Academic societies/organizations

The Japanese Psychological Association,The Japanese Psychonomic Society,The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers


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