Department of Psychology, Keio University


Takahide Omori (Assistant Professor)


Developmental Psychology

Introduction of my research

My research interest is the cognitive development of infants. In addition, I am involved in infant public health research and investigation into the psychology of games and gambling.


Mita Laboratory B107 (TEL:23244)
Access to Mita Campus:HERE

Main publications / articles

Nagayoshi, M., Hirose, T., Toju, K., Suzuki, S., Okamitsu, M., Omori, T., Kawamura, A., & Takeo, N. (2016). Parenting stress related to raising infants receiving treatment for retinoblastoma. Psycho-Oncology, 25, 1507-1511

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Nagayoshi, M., Hirose, T., Omori, T., Toju, K., Suzuki, S., Okamitsu, M., Kawamura, A., & Takeo, N. (2015). A prospective study of factors related to mother-infant interaction in one-year-old infants with retinoblastoma. Journal of Medical and Dental Sciences, 62, 103-113

Yago, S., Hirose, T., Kawamura, A., Omori, T. & Okamitsu, M. (2015). Gender, age, and cultural differences in the Japanese version of the Infant-Toddler Social and Emotional Assessment. Journal of Medical and Dental Sciences, 62, 91-101

Yago,S.,Hirose,T.,Okamitsu,M.,Okabayashi,Y.,Hiroi,K.,Nakagawa,N.,& Omori,T. (2014). Differences and similarities between father-infant interaction and mother-infant interaction. Journal of Medical and Dental Sciences, 61, 7-16

大森貴秀 (2013). ネット対応テレビ,ゲーム機が家族の居間利用に及ぼす効果 哲学(三田哲学会編),130, 149-164

Cho,Y.,Hirose,T.,Tomita,N.,Shirakawa,S.,Murase,K.,Komoto,K.,Nagayoshi, M.,Okamitsu,M.,& Omori,T. (2013). Infant mental health intervention for preterm infants in Japan:Promotions of maternal mental health, mother-infant interactions, and social support by providing continuous home visits until the corrected infant age of 12 months. Infant Mental Health Journal, 34, 47-59

大森貴秀 (2012). 日本の乳幼児母子相互作用の特徴 乳幼児医学・心理学研究, 21, 107-115

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Hirose,T.,Teramoto,T.,Saitoh,S.,Takahashi,I.,Hiramatsu,M.,Okamitsu,M.,Sonobe,M.,Mikuni,K.,Omori,T.,& Shirakawa,S. (2007). Preliminary early intervention study using Nursing Child Assessment Teaching Scale in Japan. Pediatrics International, 49,950-958

大森貴秀・廣瀬たいこ (2006). 育児支援研究と測定[1]:測定デザインと研究の妥当性 小児看護, 29, 1846-1851

Academic societies/organizations

The Japanese Psychological Association,The Japanese Association of Special Education,The Japanese Psychonomic Society,Japanese Association on Infant Health,Japanese Society of Child Health


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