Department of Psychology, Keio University


Junichi Yamamoto (Professor)


Developmental Psychology,Developmental Clinical Psychology

Introduction of my research

We conduct developmental clinical research based on Applied Behavior Analysis of infants with developmental risk, as well as infants and children with developmental delay (autistic spectrum disorder, learning difficulties, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, etc.). Our studies are developing into investigations of social function (parent-child relationships and relationships with friends), as well as the processes of mastery by therapists, curriculum design, learning support (reading, writing, comprehension, and expression skills), and the processes of spreading support methods. We also conduct analyses of the basic developmental process (including comparison with typical development) involved in recognition of facial expression, visual line, and motion analysis. We hope to cooperate with other related fields of investigation, including pediatrics and engineering.
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Mita Laboratory B103A (TEL:23369)
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Main publications / articles

Contingent imitation increases verbal interaction in children with autism spectrum disorders. (Autism: International Journal of Research and Practice, 2016:共著)

Gaze behavior of children with autism spectrum disorder toward pictures of facial expressions. (Autism Research and Treatment, 2015:共著).

Spelling instruction by stimulus pairing in Japanese students with autism spectrum disorder. (The Psychological Record , 2015:共著).

応用行動分析学による包括的コミュニケーション発達支援プログラム. (子どもの健康科学, 2014:共著).

自閉症スペクトラム障害児に対する社会的スキル訓練・親訓練の効果. (子どもの心とからだ:日本小児心身医学会雑誌,2014:共著).

Intervention for increasing the comprehension of affective prosody in children with autism spectrum disorders. (Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders, 2013:共著).

Predicting recovery of cognitive function soon after stroke (PloS One,2013:共著).

Effects of an early intervention program on preverbal communication in a child with autism. (Japanese Journal of Special Education,2012:共著).

行動リハビリテーション (臨床心理学,2012).

言語の探求:科学的行動の科学としての行動分析学 (行動分析学研究, 2011)

「対称性」の発達と支援(認知科学, 2009)

エビデンスにもとづいた発達障害支援(行動分析学研究, 2009:共著)

Academic societies/organizations

The Japanese Psychological Association,Japan Society of Developmental Psychology,The Japanese Association for Behavior Analysis,The Japanese Association of Special Education,Association for Behavior Analysis

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